Gerald Moose Bio
I was born in Concord, grew up on a farm near Mt. Pleasant, and graduated from Mt. Pleasant High School in 1971. After a year at UNCC, I moved to the Washington DC area and began a career in sound and acoustics. In early 1985, I began my studies
in T’ai-Chi with Robert Smith, who studied directly with Cheng Man-ch’ing. I moved with my wife and four children back to the Concord area in 1988, and have been teaching T’ai-Chi locally since the mid 90s. I own a contracting business called
Moose Tech, where I design and install commercial sound systems.

Description of T’ai Chi Style I teach:
I teach the Yang Short Form, as developed by Cheng Man-ch’ing. Cheng (d. 1975)
was a senior student of the T’ai-Chi Master, Yang Chen-fu (d. 1935), who taught Yang Long Form. My teacher, Robert Smith, met Cheng in Taiwan in the 1950s, and studied with him for years. Mr Smith and his wife, Alice, taught T’ai-Chi in Bethesda, Maryland for almost 30 years before retiring and moving to the Asheville area. I consider myself fortunate to have benefited from the persevering and patient instruction of my teachers, and endeavor to pass the teachings on as faithful to this gentle art as possible.

Assistant Instructors
Jonathan Kennedy, Charlotte NC
Nettie Bonham, Harrisburg NC